2023 Board of Supervisors Photo

The Board of Supervisors is a five-member Board elected from five supervisorial districts. Supervisors are elected for four-year terms. The Chairman is elected by the members each year. The Board is the policy making body of the County of Glenn, and with the assistance and advice of County Departments Heads, performs the administrative as well as legislative function of the County government. The Board is vested with both expressed and implied responsibilities, which enables them to carry out these functions on behalf of the taxpayers of the County, and to ensure efficiency in government at the local level. The elected five-member Board serves in various capacities which include reviewing and approving department budgets, purchase of capital assets and has budgetary authority for County departments. The board examines and studies State and Federal regulations, which affect Glenn County and its departments and people.

To find the Supervisorial District you reside in, please visit Glenn County's Interactive Maps.

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