Glenn Grows Business and Employment Center 

Glenn Grows has been a substantial resource for our community. Glenn Grows believes in creating opportunities, providing mentorship and delivering resources for Glenn County businesses, creating employment in our community and connecting our workforce to careers with a goal of a happy, healthy, productive and prosperous citizenry.

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Unlock a wealth of resources to fuel your entrepreneurial journey by exploring our Entrepreneurial and Local Business Toolbox, energized by ChicoStart. Explore here for comprehensive support.

Delve into Glenn County's economic development efforts and gain insight with our snapshot of initiatives. Discover them here.

For job search assistance and workforce support, visit our America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) network webpage. Access it here.

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To grow the local economy and be a resource for businesses; while promoting, retention, expansion opportunities, and business attraction within Glenn County.


Stimulate economic growth for a happy, healthy, productive, and prosperous Glenn County.

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