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“Good People Take Drugs. Drugs Take Good People.”

Town Hall Meeting on Fentanyl

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Glenn County's Fentanyl Poisoning Response Taskforce is here to decrease accidental Fentanyl poisonings. Utilizing education, harm reduction strategies, access to treatment, and community engagement; our community partners are coming together to implement life-saving strategies in the Glenn County. 




Goals of Glenn County


Prevent overdose deaths caused by Fentanyl. 

  • Provide Naloxone training and distribution
  • Partner with our community programs and resources 
  • Provide access to safe medication disposal sites 


Educate community members about illicit Fentanyl and how we can prevent misuse in Glenn County. 

  • Inform schools about Naloxone and train staff how to use it
  • Present to schools and community groups about the dangers of Fentanyl
  • Utilize data tracking to monitor Fentanyl prevention efforts  


Assist those in need to overcome addiction. 

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) referrals 
  • Connect community members to treatment services 
  • Provide support with NA meetings 



Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine. You cannot see, smell, or taste Fentanyl and you will not know it is a lethal dose until it is too late. Knowing the signs of an overdose and how to use naloxone are crucial to reverse an overdose.  

There three known forms of Fentanyl are: 

  • Liquid form
  • Powder form 
  • Rainbow Fentanyl

In its liquid form, illicitly manufactured Fentanyl can be found in nasal sprays, eye drops, and dropped on to paper or small candies. Fentanyl has been known to be pressed in to pills to resemble authentic prescription pills. It is nearly impossible to determine a fake pill from an authentic one without the use of testing strips. Even testing strips are not 100% accurate, and may not pick up other synthetic opioids like Carfentanil. It is important to only take medication prescribed to you by a licensed medical professional and lock up any opioids prescribed to you to ensure young children can not reach them. 

Signs of an overdose include: 

  • Small, constricted “pinpoint pupils”

  • Falling asleep or losing consciousness

  • Slow, weak, or no breathing

  • Choking or gurgling sounds

  • Limp body

  • Cold and/or clammy skin

  • Discolored skin (especially in lips and nails)


Fentanyl Informational Tri Fold  - also available in Spanish 


*Glenn County Behavioral Health – 242 N. Villa Avenue, Willows CA

*Glenn County Behavioral Health - 1187 E. South Street, Orland CA

Northern Valley Indian Health – 207 N. Butte Street, Willows CA

*GCOE STAR Center - 418 E. Walker Street, Orland CA

*TAY Center - 612 4th Street, Orland CA

*Harmony House – 343 Yolo Street, Orland CA

*Willows Pharmacy – 226 N. Butte Street, Willows CA

*Orlandcare Pharmacy – 61 E. Walker Street, Orland CA

Enloe Medical Center Substance Use Navigator – (530) 809-6003

 **Sites marked with * also carry Fentanyl testing Strips

Instructions on how to use Narcan 

These are the Naloxone (Narcan) and Fentanyl Testing Strip distribution locations in Glenn County. You will remain anonymous if you seek Naloxone or Fentanyl Testing Strips. 

For more information about Naloxone (Narcan), visit the Narcan website.

For more information on Fentanyl testing strips, visit the Matt Adams Foundation website.

If you have used Narcan, we would appreciate you filling out this anonymous survey so we can better understand and serve the needs of Glenn County. 

QR code to report a Narcan overdose anonymously


Are you looking for treatment? Call the Glenn County Substance Use Disorders Services (SUDS) Department today at (530) 865-1146

The SUDS Department also has a crisis line that you can call 24/7, 365 days a year at 1(800) 507-3530.

For referral forms and a list of Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Glenn and Butte County, visit the SUDS welcome page.


Medication-Assisted Treatment Centers

Listed below are some Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Centers in Glenn and Butte County. You can view all available MAT centers in Glenn and Butte county within the pdf version. 

Medication Assisted Treatment Centers locations listed with bullet points


Glenn County Behavioral Health can help you access medication-assisted treatment. Call or visit us today for assistance getting connected to treatment!

Orland Location - 1187 E. South Street (530) 865-6459

Willows Location - 242 N. Villa Avenue (530) 934-6582



Safe Drug Disposal Sites

A good practice to keep yourself and children safe, is to properly dispose of filled prescriptions if they are expired or not needed. View a list of safe drug disposal sites in Glenn County here

If you are prescribed opioids, lock them up or put them in a hard to access location to prevent children from accidentally consuming them. 



Glenn County Substance Use Disorder Services Memorial Project 

The Gone Too Soon Memorial Project, developed by the Sacramento County Opioid Coalition, displays a series of photos of those lost to opioids. We are humanizing the statistics by offering a look at the faces of community members and showing the great losses we have faced, both together and apart. The posters will be shared here, at in-person events, on social media, and in videos. 

Please send your completed permission form and images to abautista@countyofglenn.net


Glenn County HHSA


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