Corning Sub-basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency issues Request for Proposals To Provide Services to Develop and Implement a Funding Mechanism

The Corning Sub-basin Groundwater Sustainability Agency (CSGSA) is seeking a qualified firm(s) to develop and implement a funding mechanism for the operation of the CSGSA and the implementation of the Corning Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP).  The CSGSA is primarily interested in the consultant’s experience in relation to setting fees pursuant to Propositions 26 and 218, specifically as they relate to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.  Services provided may include all tasks necessary to evaluate, develop options, select, and implement a new funding mechanism. 

Submittals must be received by September 2, 2022 at 4:00 PM to be considered for this opportunity. Interested individuals are encouraged to review the complete Request for Proposals.