Butte Subbasin

Subbasin Overview

The Butte Subbasin is a portion of the larger Sacramento Valley Groundwater Basin covering approximately 265,500 acres. The subbasin spans Butte, Colusa, Glenn and Sutter Counties and is generally bounded on the north by the Butte County GSA/Western Canal Water District boundary, on the west by the Sacramento River and the western boundary of Reclamation District 1004, on the south by the Butte-Sutter County line, Biggs West Gridley Water District, and Reclamation District 1004, and on the east by the Butte County GSA/Feather River boundary.

map of butte subbasin groundwater sustainability agencies

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Glenn County: Butte Subbasin Factsheet

Please contact the Groundwater Sustainability Agencies below for more information on specific Groundwater Sustainability Agency activities and meeting information.

For subbasin-wide activities and Butte Subbasin Advisory Board meeting information, visit the Butte Subbasin Groundwater webpage.

 Groundwater Sustainability Agency
Phone Number
Biggs-West Gridley Water District 530.846.3317
Butte County 530.552.3595
Butte Water District 530.846.3100
Colusa Groundwater Authority 530.458.0719
City of Biggs 530.868.5493
City of Gridley 530.846.5695
Glenn County 530.934.6501
Reclamation District 1004 530.458.7459
Reclamation District 2106 916.321.4500
Richvale Irrigation District 530.882.4243
Western Canal Water District 530.342.5083