Glenn Groundwater Authority

The Glenn Groundwater Authority was created by forming a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement, signed by nine local agencies, with the purposes of being a Groundwater Sustainability Agency for the Glenn County portion of the Colusa Subbasin. A tenth member joined the Glenn Groundwater Authority October 14, 2019.

Glenn Groundwater Authority Member Agencies include:

  • City of Orland
  • City of Willows
  • County of Glenn
  • Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District
  • Glide Water District
  • Kanawha Water District
  • Monroeville Water District
  • Orland-Artois Water District
  • Princeton-Codora-Glenn Irrigation District
  • Provident Irrigation District


The notice declaring the Glenn Groundwater Authority’s decision to become a Groundwater Sustainability Agency and its intent to manage groundwater within the Glenn County portion of the Colusa Subbasin submitted to the Department of Water Resources (DWR) can be found on the DWR SGMA Portal at:

A copy of the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) and resolutions from each member agency can also be found on the DWR SGMA Portal.


Board Meetings are open to the public.  See the GGA Meetings page for more information. 

List of Directors and Alternates

County of Glenn Grant Carmon Tom Arnold
City of Orland Bruce Roundy Pete Carr; Ed Vonasek (2nd Alternate)
City of Willows Gary Hansen (23/24 Chair) Cal Water- Tavis Beynon
Glide Water District Matt Deadmond Vacant
Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District John Amaro (23/24 Vice-Chair) Vacant
Orland-Artois Water District Chuck Schonauer Emil Cavagnolo
Kanawha Water District Randy Hansen Wade Danley
Monroeville Water District Mark Lohse Seth Fiack
Princeton-Codora-Glenn Irrigation District & Provident Irrigation District Gary Enos

Jered Shipley

For questions, comments, or to sign up to be on the interested parties list, please contact the GGA Program Manager:

Lisa Hunter

225 N Tehama St., Willows, CA 95988

(530) 934-6540


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